What sort of contribution can I make?

We recognise that everyone’s ability to contribute is different; the important thing is that every donation counts, whether large or small!

Below is just an idea of how we could make up the total we need from donations. Don’t forget that, if you are a UK tax-payer, we can claim Gift-aid on your donation to increase it by 25% as shown.

Pledge Amount With Gift-aid Number of donors Total
Centre-name £50,000 £62,500 1 £62,500
Court name £20,000 £25,000 1 £25,000
Court name £10,000 £12,500 1 £12,500
Major donation £5,000 £6,250 8 £50,000
Support pledge £1,000 £1,250 8 £10,000
‘Name-a-brick’ £500 £625 16 £10,000

Monthly donations

Unfortunately we do not have charity status and only charities can take monthly donations. Therefore, if you wish to make a monthly donation it must be to the school directly. If you intend to donate in this way, please let us know first here, so that we can correctly attribute the donation. 

Donate Here

Please make sure you add  “Monthly donation for the St Olave’s Fives Court Fund Raising Project” in the ‘Notes’ section.

For further confirmation and to fully ensure that your donation is recognised, please email hwiseman@aol.com with details of your donation.

Match funding

A number of prospective donors have enquired about donation via match funding. Match funding is where employers match your donation or a specific amount each month and is also eligible for gift aid. 

If you would like to donate via match funding, please contact us.

How will my donation be recognised?

A donation of £50,000+ would be honoured by naming the new Centre after the Donor.

Donations of £10-20,000 will be able to name a court.

In all cases donors will be recognised on a special tribute board.

How can I make a donation?

The fastest way is to visit our donation page at Virgin Giving by clicking Here